Lake Martin 100 Ultra Run – March 20-21, 2021

LAKE MARTIN – designed to be the perfect step-up from a 50K to a 50 mile or from a 50 mile to your first 100-mile trail race. The objective of the LM 100 is to help you accomplish your ultra goal, whether it’s your first ultra, the 27 Mile Fun Run, or to break 21 hours in the 100. The race will be hard. All those beautiful hills become steeper and longer with each successive lap. Those gentle carriage paths become very long about mile 80. But if you have put in enough training miles, you will be encouraged, you will be pushed, you will be helped, and even yelled at if necessary, to get you to the end. We might even let you rest occasionally. If you are ready, you can do it. For more info go to